The Noteholder
The Noteholder
  • Learn More About Selling your Real Estate Mortgage

    Why Sell My Note?

    Benefits Include: 

    • Immediate cash for a financial necessity or problem
    • Immediate cash to re-invest at a better rate of return
    • Immediate cash to re-invest in a superior or more secure project
    • Immediate cash to pay off debt
    • Immediate cash to fund tuition, a vacation, a vehicle, etc.

    No more worries about:

    • IRS reporting requirements
    • Destruction of the property
    • Divorce or death of the payer
    • A lapse in the property insurance policy
    • Unpaid real estate taxes

    Additional Reasons:

    • Cash up front - no more waiting for monthly payments.
    • No more risk! Most notes take 5 - 20 years to mature and a lot can happen between then and now. We take on all those risks.
    • Complete confidentiality. Nothing changes for the person making payments on your property. 

    We make it easy to sell your note.
    We will get you the funds you require when you decide it's time to cash out.

    The Note Buying Process

    The simple and straightforward steps in selling your real estate note: 

    1. Contact The Noteholder and provide basic information about the note and property. (type of property, sale price, payment amounts, etc.)
    2. After submitting your documents, you'll have a quote from us in 48 hours.
    3. If you approve the quote, we conduct our due diligence by reviewing the note, the mortgage, the title policy, the closing statement, etc. (If there is no recent appraisal or title policy, we arrange for those at our expense.)
    4. Once you have submitted all required documentation it will take about 3-4 weeks for you to receive your cash.  You choose to receive funds via check or electronically.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is price determined for a real estate note or mortgage?

    Pricing is determined using three main aspects:

    • Loan terms (rate, pay-back period, balloon payments, clean records, etc.)
    • The borrower’s ability to pay
    • The collateral securing the loan (the property)

    The Noteholder will perform due diligence while processing the purchase of your note. This will include a drive-by property appraisal, review of the payment history, and review of the property title report.

    How much money will I receive for my real estate mortgage?

    Each note is carefully reviewed to determine its maximum value. We can offer multiple options to meet your individual needs.

    A brief consultation with The Noteholder can answer all your questions, enable us to clearly present several options in writing, and help you decide what makes the most sense for you. The choice is yours. 

    How soon will I receive my money?

    Once you accept our cash offer and all the documents are in order, you will receive your funds in 15-30 business days.

    Will the sale of my real estate mortgage change the terms for the borrower?

    No. All terms and conditions set forth in the original note remain the same. The borrower will simply send their future payments to The Noteholder.

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